Loose leaf

Blush long stem Loose Leaf table centerpiece. 

Blush long stem Loose Leaf table centerpiece. 

Loose Leaf Collections

Loose Leaf centerpiece arrangements

Our collections are carefully put together to match the theme of your special event. They are a non-traditional stand-in for the traditiona floral arrangement.

With delicate colors on our petals and themes like travel & music, Loose Leaf floral arrangements are designed to match any theme or color scheme! 

Loose Leaf flowers are delivered and arranged on-site to your event. Click below to learn more about our Loose Leaf rental packages. 

Unicorn corsage in shimmer lavender ribbon.

Unicorn corsage in shimmer lavender ribbon.

Loose Leaf shop

Loose Leaf singles, bouquets, boutonnieres & corsages

Every Loose Leaf flower is unique & handmade. The perfect decoration or gift for the bibliophile in your life. Loose Leaf flowers look great on a suit and accent any natural flower arrangement.

All arrangements are pre-made and ready to order. Or you can request a custom arrangement by clicking here

Additional Flower Information

Loose Leaf flowers are made from a variety of unbound book materials. The petals are from novels, maps, sheet music, picture books and more. The petals are colorized with a variety of pigment mediums like pastels, make-up and paint. Each flower is sprayed with a clear sealant. Foliage & accents are collected and made from all forms of plastic, paper, wire and wood.

Loose Leaf flowers is a true "labor of love" business. Every flower is instinctively designed to be shared with everyone who has a passion for books, travel, music, art and more! It is our hope that Loose Leaf flowers are the perfect unique touch to your special occaision.