Watermelon & Lime


Watermelon & limes are two fruits I crave in the summertime! In an accidental froze incident I came up with a champagne drink that sparked this idea. With pink & green colors on my mind, I designed a party, drink and craft idea around these simple fruits. My husband Mike was gracious enough to help me with a watermelon & lime salsa fresca, and I came up with a DIY party favor that is personalized and fun!

Watermelon & Lime DIY coaster craft




Product List

-Ceramic tiles- Thrift store/Lowes

-Paints or scrapbook paper- Michael’s Arts & Crafts

-Glitter- Glitter Caddy & nail polish

-Mod Podge

-Sealant- Enviro Tex Lite- Michael’s Arts & Crafts

-Felt squares- Michael’s Arts & Crafts

-Black marker- Sharpie


Completion: 2-3 days

Clean your tiles so they are free of debris. I decided to paint my pictures instead of buying scrapbook paper, but there are seriously TONS of scrapbook sheets that have every theme you can imagine. Using scrapbook paper is the easiest way to go if you are not good at painting. If you want to paint but you are not a painter, it does not matter! My drawings were done quickly as I wanted them to look simple and effortless.


Start by using a sharpie marker to draw your picture. I googled “watermelon outline” to get an idea. After you draw your picture, identify the paint colors you want to use. Choose your glitter colors to match your paints. Begin painting in your picture. Try to stay within the sharpie lines so they remain visible.


After the paint dries, apply the glitter. I do this with a paint brush, plastic cups and Mod Podge. Mix your glitter in one cup and pour a little Mod Podge in another cup. Lightly dip your paint brush in the Mod Podge and then into the glitter and apply to your picture. It might take 2-3 coats. Allow to dry.


Use the Sharpie marker to write your guest’s names on their coaster. I wrote my name on the watermelon coaster and Mike’s on the lime.

Apply the sealant. This part takes a little time. I used Enviro Tex to pour over my coaster. It’s easy to mix but involves heating with torch to get rid of air bubbles. Allow yourself enough time to read the instructions for the sealant product you are using.

After your seal is dried completely, apply the felt. Trace the tile on the felt and cut down to size. Apply glue or Mod Podge to the back of the tile. Place the felt square on top of the glue and hold to dry.

Gracie has joined me.

Gracie has joined me.

In truth, this is her table. 

In truth, this is her table. 

Cheryl Elizabeth