My Favorite Summer Spritz!


In 2008 I went to Italy with some girlfriends. It was the first country in our European travels, and on the first night, the first Italian drink I had was a spritz. It was, OK. A week into Italy, after lots and lots of wine, we made it to Venice. The streets in Venice were lined with amazing smelling foods and drink carts selling these tiny cocktails made with Aperol and Campari. We all ordered one. I got the Campari cocktail and HATED it. I was so bummed. I went back to the cart and got an Aperol cocktail instead and thought it was much friendlier to my pallet. 

Fast forward many years later, I decided to revisit these famous Italian drinks and instantly fell in love. They say you just have to be introduced to something once to be able to come back and love it later. And taste buds are just that way. They are more forgiving when it's the second time around. 

I make drinks with Campari and Aperol all the time. We served Negroni's at my wedding and I drink Aperol Spritz's all summer long! So today I'm sharing my Aperol Spritz recipe in hopes you'll fall in love like me.

Aperol can be an acquired taste. It is sweet with orange notes and I like to really enhance my spritz with a few squeezes of fresh orange juice.  



Chilled Prosecco

Chilled Sparkling/Soda Water


Orange (cut in wedges)

Pour equal parts Aperol & Prosecco over ice in a glass. Squeeze a few drops of juice from an orange wedge and stir slightly. Top with a spash of soda water. Garnish with another orange wedge. Saluti! 

Cheryl Elizabeth