Love Nests: A Centerpiece Love Story


Centerpieces are one of my favorite craft projects to work on, and when I had this idea I was eager to start making them, and a little bummed I thought of this two years after my own wedding! So, it brings me great joy to finally share this sweet & romantic project.

I’m one of those people who kind of dreads having to sign anything when I show up to an event. It’s hard to come up with something on the spot and in most cases you are expected to think of something right as you arrive to the party! My senses are already on overload as all the people & excitement are swirling around me. With that thought in mind, I came up with the “Love Nest” centerpieces.

Once your guests have arrived, grabbed a drink, and found their seat at the table, they’ll be a little more relaxed and perhaps ready to be creative. Every plate will have a piece of beautiful paper with a handmade feather pen and a little piece of cotton cording. Next to every Love Nest centerpiece is a note asking guests to write a poem, lyric, quote or well wishes on the paper...and It’s definitely OK to pull out the phone and look something up! Once finished, they’ll roll up the note, tie the cording around it and place in the “Love Nest” where two little love birds lie. The happy new couple will end up with a bunch of thoughtful notes to read and cherish the rest of their lives. The handmade feather pen is a gift for the guest!


Love Nests-Table Centerpeice for Wedding, Engagement, House Warming parties

Supplies/Product list:

-Twig nests [2-3 per table]- by Ashland Naturals, bought from Michael’s Stores

-Birds [2 per nest]- by Ashland Naturals, bought from Michael’s Stores & by Floral Garden, bought from Dollar Tree

-Colorful feathers- bought from Michael’s Stores

-Artificial flowers- bought from Dollar Tree

-Scrapbook paper-by Recollections, bought from Michael’s Stores


-Cotton cording- by Bead Landing, bought from Michael’s Stores

-Hot glue sticks

-Hot glue gun

-Paper cutter (optional, but would be the most helpful)

-Pens/Fine point Sharpies




Note Paper

Make sure your paper has one blank side for writing. I used a paper cutter to make my notes 3x5 in size, but use your judgement to get the most from one sheet. Cut enough for each guest.

Love Nests

I bought two different sized birds because I was not sure which would look best, and well, they both look great! It really depends on your love of birds. The smaller birds are understated and delicate and the bigger birds are adorable with longer feathers. Each nest gets a pair and I positioned them so that their beaks where close together, like they are about to smooch! Add a few drops of hot glue to secure the birds in place. Then I grabbed a few feathers within my color scheme and glued them around the birds to make a little feather nest. Pluck a few artificial flowers from their stems and glue them around the nest. I used artificial babysbreath in white & pink. This is where you get creative. Add & take away flowers/feathers so that they are evenly dispersed but not crouding the nest. You will need room for all the notes!

The Love Nests look beautiful with a vase of flowers are giant pillar candle in the center. Consider making a few pre-rolled notes to place between the branches of the nest or around the vase or candle, so that guests know what to do. Place 1-2 blank notes on each plate or setting along with a piece of cording (8-10 inches) on top of the note. Lastly, place a feather pen on top of the cording to keep it all together!


I used 4x6 brown card stock to make an instruction sign for every nest on the table. Fold the card in half so it can stand freely. With a fine tipped pen & sharpie I wrote the following:


Please write a love poem, lyric, quote or wish on the paper on your plate.

Roll & tie it up and leave it in our Love Nest! 

Keep the feather pen as a gift!


choose your colors

Match your theme with simple or colorful embellishments! 


save space

To get the most out of your card stock, cut it in half and prop the card in the nest or against the vase or candle. 

Don’t want to do the work yourself? Check out my shop and purchase custom Love Nests to match your next event!

Cheryl Elizabeth